Student reading BEFORE AND AFTER SCHOOL counts.
  • Reading INSTEAD of watching TV or playing video games counts. 
  • Reading assigned homework (book report reading, for example) counts.
  • Reading during class time does NOT count. 
  • Reading while eating a meal does NOT count.
  • Reading while riding in the bus, in the car or on a plane or train counts but not while riding a bicycle or scooter.  
  • Reading aloud to family, friends, pets or your favorite toys counts. HAVE FUN and READ!

Please remember that CHARACTER COUNTS. Be honest with your minutes so it is fair and fun for everyone. 

Parents, please review the minutes and total, make sure the student name and classroom number are on the tracking slip and sign it. 
No guessing or rounding off minutes. Please look at the clock for start and stop times each time you read. Who will win the top reader in your class? In each grade? Which class will read the most for the classroom trophy? How many minutes will we read as a whole school? How much money can we raise? Let's Shine as Superstars, Mustangs!