What’s a Read-a-thon?

The annual Read-a-thon is a fun, educational way for students to use their love of reading to raise money for our school.

How do we participate?

It’s easy! First, help your student collect pledges from family and friends on the attached pledge sheet. Next, have your student read each night and record the minutes read on the attached tracker sheet. Turn in the tracker sheet each week to earn fun charms.

What can I read?

You can count already assigned reading homework for your tracker sheet. All reading outside of school counts! Read books, magazines, newspapers, jokes, riddles, cooking books, comic books and more. Read on a kindle, computer or other electronic device. Whatever and whenever you read, write your total minutes on your tracker sheet. Character counts! No rounding or guessing! Be honest! A timer may be a helpful way to keep track of minutes read. (Parents/Guardians please sign tracker after checking totals.)

Why participate?

This is our school’s largest fundraiser! Help your school earn money which is used for activities, field trips, and more! Earn AWESOME charms and prizes!

* Mustang Starter Charm to all participants

* Book Charm for reading at least 20 minutes a night

* Reading Super Star Charm for reaching your grade’s challenge minutes

* Awesome Charm to reader in each class with most minutes tracked

* Top reader and Top pledge collector in the school earns a trophy and prize

* Top reader in each grade level earns a prize

* Every $50 collected in pledges earns entry into a prize drawing for $100

* The class with the most minutes read in each grade level will win a party and class name displayed on Read-a-thon Plaque!

* Earn 10% of pledges collected to spend at Spring Book Fair

(For example, if you raise $100, you get $10 credit to spend at book fair.)

* Teachers earn 10% of classroom pledges to buy books for classroom

(Book fair credit will be issued after all pledge checks are cleared.)

Important Dates:

  •  December 22-January 8: Collect Pledges from family and friends
  •  January 2 – 8: Read and Track Minutes
  •  January 9: Turn in Week#1 Tracker to your teacher & Pledge Sheet
  •  January 9- 15: Read and Track Minutes
  •  January 16: Turn in Week #2 Tracker to your teacher
  •  January 22 : Pledge Sheets returned; Collect pledge money
  •  February 2 : Pledge Money Due


Weekly Reading Tracker Sheets

  •  Everyone who participates gets a Mustang starter charm. Read at least 20 minutes to earn a book charm. (Kindergarten students only have to read 10 minutes each night. Beginning readers can have an adult read with them and still count the minutes on the tracker sheet.) Read the challenge minutes below to earn a Super Star Charm!

    ? Super Star Challenge Goals are:

    Kindergarten: 15 min/night = 105 minutes total per week

    1st & 2nd grade: 25 min/night = 175 minutes total per week

    3rd & 4th grade: 30 min/night = 210 minutes total per week

    5th grade: 40 min/night = 280 minutes total per week

    Below is a link to the sheet that was sent home!