Conference week donations needed

If you haven't signed up to bring something for conference week, there is still time to sign up below! Come show the teachers how much we love them during this busy time! We still need stuff for next week's baked potato bar, salad and soup or cases of soda, plus other stuff! If you signed up already, THANK YOU!! Our teachers will love it! Remember tomorrow the food can start to be brought in!

Successful Cookie Dough fundraiser


Our Otis Spunkmeyer fundraiser is complete, and as usual our kids blew us away with their hard work!!

Our goal was to sell 600 items… our Mustangs sold almost 1,400 items! That’s a lot of cookie dough! 😁🍪

In total, they raised almost $8,000!

This money will continue to help fund field trips, student events, staff appreciation days, classroom supplies, student assignment books, and so many other things for our students & school! Thank you for your support!

Congratulations to the students in Mrs. Fritz & Ms. Tomasello’s classrooms!!

They were our TOP SELLING classes, and will enjoy a Milk & Cookie party with Mrs. Vogel! 🥛

 Remember Cookie dough pick-up is Thursday, Nov. 16 from 3-6:30PM.